Sunday, April 12, 2009

Cheap and nice!!

I am not sure how many of us had ever satisfy with the steaks in very affordable proce??
Well, no worry, this time we are going to the super duper bonanza cheap and nice steak!!!

I was introduced by a friend who never tried it, but heard of it.
He said that the steak was big portion and not so expensive. The most important is the restaurant located near to my place~~

It calls " BBS restoran" and located at Selayang Jaya, same row with the Maybank and near the Selayang's pasar. (notPasar Borong). It can be concluded as a mamak as they sell mamk's food but they are not a stall, but a considerably big reataurant, compare to mamak.There is an air-cond room too, but very limited seats.

Back to the food. As shown in the menu, we found nothing special about the food but the price was cheap,compare to some stalls (not restaurant). When we ordered, we realised that there was no other sauces, but only black pepper sauce. Hey, I never liked black pepper sauce!!! But no choice, we wanted to try the steak and ta da... I ordered a chicken sizzling with black pepper sauce and others ordered lam sizzling with black pepper sauce.

The menu and the prices

We were shocked when the french fries and the salad served. they were served in big plate!! The portion of the fries were really big, so did the salad. I can't finish all of them if I still want to eat my steak....

The fries and the salad... too much.....

We enjoyed the fries while waiting for the main course. When the waiter served the steak, I wanna faint! They were also huge!!!!
Oh man, I can't finish all of the steak set.... someone please help me.....
However, I found their black pepper sauce was acceptable after trying. From that time, I fell in love with black pepper sauce.
The chicken was not bad, as the sauce really good, spicy enough for me~
As for the lamp, it's a bit too hard. We concluded that it's not the delicious part of the lamp due to the price. We still enjoy them very much~~

Chicken sizzling Lamp sizzling

If you are not looking for something super duper nice, but not bad and cheap and large portion steak, here is where you can try~ :)

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