Friday, August 14, 2009

RMK workshop

Thanks to Miu, I attended the RMK workshop at the Apartment,KLCC on 1 august'09.

I had been eying on their make up base and liquid foundation for a long time as they were the hot products in Japan some years ago. I wished to try here and see if their suited me~

the tools and products on the table

Every steps were simple and common, which I believe most of the girls know if u like to be beautiful.
  1. If you had make up on the face, remove the eyes & lips with eyes & lips make up remover.
  2. Followed by cleansing milk to remove face make up.
  3. toner & moisturizer(eye gel).
  4. apply face protector(sun block).
  5. make up base
  6. foundation(the speaker said RMK's foundation will become powder texture after applying onto the face.therefore, no need loose powder after this.)
  7. eye shadow base
  8. eye shadow
  9. curler + mascara
  10. blusher
  11. eyebrow
  12. lip gloss
I had no problem following with the steps as I always make up. However, some participants could not follow as the time given was short while the products were shared.

I had a glitter green on my eyes. Their glitter powder would fall all on your face, very bad...

after- workshop look

I had nothing to buy with the rm100 voucher but it's not worth if I just threw it away~Thus, I finally bought these : a curler and a nail varnish.

The curler is quite cheap compare to Shu Uemura's, I just wanna give it a try.

The nail varnish is extremely expensive. If I had more budget, I would redeem something else.

Anna Aui's nail varnish is only rm54, RMK's costs rm 75!!!!

I will never buy their nail varnish again. Better go for my Anna Sui~ haha

my haul- total rm110
curler rm35, nail varnish rm75

Miu received a lot of complaints on this workshop. to know more, check ou t her blog~~~

p.s* I made some friends here. isn't it's a part of the game? ~


  1. hi! i din know u got a blog :)

    why u buy the nail polish! should get something better mar.. i agree with u it's very expensive.. but it's quite nice :) their nail polish.

  2. hi miu~
    I had no idea what to get besides the curler. adding the nail polish was still in my budget so... :P

    it is a good quality nail polish but i still prefer Anna Sui's since the latter smells rose~~my fav