Sunday, September 13, 2009

makeover by Dior

I got the makeover voucher + a sample cut from Cleo magazine...
I went Mid Valley The Gardens when I was around PJ for the service.

Dior is launching their autumn cosmetics where there was a limited Ed eyes palette

A SA approached to me when I was walking to Robinsons to promote their perfume.
Since I got the chance now, I just presented my voucher and got the makeover service.

I wore make up but I wanted a new look so I asked the MU artist to re-do my MU.
She did not cleaned my eyes as I had the double eyelid stickers on so, she cleaned my face &re-apply the foundation & just apply the new eye colours on top of my eyes MU.

I could smell tabacco from the MU girl and I didn't really like it... What a bad habit~

She used the new eyebrow pencil and eyeshadow palette for my eyes.
I had no idea why was she doing this but she kept telling how good were the Dior products that she was using on my face and SUGGESTED me to get them!!!

I really dislike this as I was trying to enjoy my makeover and I wanted to try first.
I knew how goodwere those things but could you just let me finish my makeover and stop criticing how not suitable the colours I was using??

I really regretted for sitting down to get the makeover done.
Luckily, she was not free after my makeover was done and hiew~~

Then the SA came and tell me how were those products&the makeover and asked if I wanted anything.
I was not planned to buy so I rejected her & took the pictures. I was about to leave and the SA had totally forgot (or pretending to be) about my sample until I asked.
I grabbed the sample & off I went~

I did feel that the SA was unhappy as I bought nothing but had makeover&sample....
Perhaps I was just too sensitive?

makeover done~~

I was at Mid Valley today(13/9/09, Sunday) and I saw the booth with photoshooting there. I just passed through it and not showing any interest in it~

Anyone interested may want to visit the counter cos they were running a promotion which is you got free makeover+photo shooting+ photos with any purchase made above RM200.
No idea when is the llast day... :P

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