Monday, September 14, 2009

review:Benefit~gee...that was quick!

I used up about two bottles of this.

According to the website, it removed all MU without irritating the eyes.
I am not sure as I used waterproof cosmetics for eyes and I need something stronger.

As for face, it is really nice and good and mild~
clean the face well, without wiping strongly.
it is also quite waterly and has no smell(I can smell the fragrance,at least)
a bottle can last for a long time, about a year?depends...

It is easy to use:
Just pour in the cotton and wipe on the face

I bought when it was RM90 but Iif I am not mistaken, the prised raised.
I disliked this price raising news and never step back to Benefit counter since then.

This is non-oily remover and it does not remove waterproof eye MU.

I would get this again and make it my HQ face MU remover if the price was the same...
Since I had a lot of free/redeemed MU removers, I am not planning to get it shortly.

If you are looking for something non-oily and you have the budget, get this!!
You will not regret..

A 236.6ml gee...that was quick! costs USD21 on the website:

free international shippingavailable for purchase made above USD115 sometimes.
get friends/family to share and you got free shipping then~

Btw, I had good experience with the service provided by Benefit after sending a complaining e-mail to them. The action taken was quick and satisfactory~~
and that made me to go back to it again in the future...

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