Tuesday, September 15, 2009

make up workshop by ettusais @ Isetan Lot 10

RM90 for a skincare + make up workshop is not high.

However if the workshop is bad/ unorganized/having bad refreshments& services then, RM90 is considered as HIGH!!!
Luckily it was fully redeemable...

That's what I had in my mind after attending attusais workshop @Isetan, Lot10.

I bought the voucher about a week ago and I was a bit late to the workshop.
The SA called to remind me & I just realized I did not know the venue so I asked.

It was my fault for not asking the venue before. Besides, they put the floor mat at the escalators which were going up. I was heading down and I couldn't see them. Stupid me!!!

The space was covered by curtains(as doors) and it was big. The attendents in my session could not even filled a table!!

I was the first to reach and was seated and waited for other participants.

Took photos while waiting...

cosmetics on the table:curler,blushers,powders,foundations,lippies

(eyeshadow paletter was taken away)

Items on the table(each got a set like this):mirror,brouchers,tissue,cottons,tools

They were all late and finally, the workshop started with less than 10 participants. why was it so..... little people?
I had no idea and I was not sure if they bought the vouchers but did not want to attend?

This was the least participants workshop I had ever attended.(except for Anna Sui's free workshop)

The SA started with greetings ,then she was just following the slides and just standing there beside the laptop, giving some emotionless & bit attractive introduction about ettusais products.

She was really lack of training, presenting skills and confident , I thought.

The worst presentation of all!!!

Then, a girl asked to be model and the hands on session started.

The skincares were not on the table and we had to wait for the SA to pour onto our hands.

Removing make up, cleansing & toning were ok.

There were only less than 8 people with 2 SAs.
Items should be passing around fast. However, they kept letting others waited for a long time to get the products.

sometime,I was almost done but they were some people still not started yet!

Bad service and management!

For facian part, we tried :
  • remover

  • cleanser

  • toner

  • moisturizer

  • peeling mask

  • eye gel

  • sun screen

  • pimple gel

demo on how to peel the mask

peeling mask on my face

  • make sure the peeling mask is smoothed properly so it can peel off easily.

  • do not apply too thick, or tooo thin of the peeling mask

  • peel the mask from side at the bottom( of the direction upwards)

After applying sun screen, make up demo started~

  • liquid foundation of skin matching solour

  • powder

  • tinted eye essense ( which was the door gift too)

  • concealer

  • eyeshadow

  • eyeliner

  • eyebrow

  • blusher

  • lip gloss

make up demonstration

curler, blusher, powder

concealer,eye&lip pencils, lip gloss, new-lauched powder

liquid foundation

There was no special tips or products of ettusais and we were just left to play ourselves after demo done. The SAs would help when you asked for help.
They were actually quite helpful but they were not trained well to handle a workshop thus, some messiness occurred and made me felt bad.
There were nobody using another table but the cosmetics were left on it while we were all here sharing onbly one or two of each product.
Why did you waste everyone's time??? It's really annoying.
Some of the cosmetics were finished/dried up but we still had to use them.

Trying to voice out but with so little SAs, nobody could ever help. If one of them went to get new one, there will be only one SA left serving about 6~8 of us.
I must say that this ws the worst workshop I had ever been to.
If they never improved, they will never get more participants or new customers as they wished.

Finally, the refreshment time~~
When the SA passed to me, I was like :" What the ........???!!!!"
There were only a cup of tea and a puff!!!!
I know the budget may not be enough but each got a puff from b.p was soooooooo not nice!!
The refreshment was not displaying nicely on a table but to serve on paper plate & cup.
Each participant got one set.
I am not sure if you can ask for more, but dare you to??

Well, at least they took out a bowl of tiny sweets on each table.
I grabbed some and left quickly~~

the refreshment & sweets

I redeemed their whitening tissue mask and a box of cotton.

The vitamin C whitening mask was packed 7 x 15ml per pack, cost RM 89
The cotton was packed in 60 pieces per box, cost RM14.

So I paid the balance of RM13 and I was eligible for FREE parking for first 3(maybe 4) hours because I am Isetan Card Member (IMC)~~

I will review on these redemprion soon...


  1. woi mana clarins post?!

    =_____= hmmph..

    btw ettusais sounds so nice the workshop..but i din go lah :( no time..

    yellow fonts very hard read akiki T_T

  2. thank you girls for the support~~
    Miu: /////i made the changes on the font, but....