Sunday, January 5, 2014

Haul- Taiwan Nov 2012

My third trip to Taiwan which was the most expensive one, because:
  • followed trip
  • spent extra on souvenirs 
  • bought too many masks!!!!!

Bought : 

  • hundreds of masks of different brands because they were so much cheaper than Malaysia's
  • Auto Umbrellas which can open and close with only a button with cute pictures on them
  • Accessories rack from Daiso (It is cheaper to shop in Daiso in Taiwan)
  • Ginger Tea Pack
  • Cotton buds from Daiso
  • Facial cotton from Daiso
  • Tampon ( there were so many different types and brands to be chosen in Taiwan)
  • H/P ear plugs with cute design
  • Majolica Majorca lemon grass nail polish
  • face masks from Daiso
  • honey
  • Antiseptic Wet Tissue from Watson with very cheap price(clearance)
  • 4 bottles of make up oil remover from Watson ( brand: Softimo)
  • 3 bottles of Biore face sunscreen (cheaper than Malaysia's)
  • Art and craft postcards as souvenir
  • Opal 1-minute hair treatment (6 tubes, recommended by a friend)
  • Kanebo make up base from Watson ( 3 different shades)
  • Cable collectors (4 pcs) from Daiso
  • Sally Hansen top and base coat (2 bottles)
  • stickers from Daiso
  • a gift exchanged in 7-11 
  • coffee which came with a beautiful cup pad
  • some cookies/biscuits as souvenirs
  • a cheap but nice legging 
and some used or finished or eaten stuff which I can't remember anymore
I must say Taiwan is a shopping paradise and a wonderful country to be visited even if  you are travelling alone.... 
I had never expected three visits but I did!!!!

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