Sunday, January 5, 2014

Review- Tried and Finished (AS)

Anna Sui cosmetic and skin care products that had been tried and finished (only one didn't)~

  • AS Loose Compact Powder G ( RM 100++)
It is very handy and good for travelling. But it is a shimmer powder so not really suitable for daily use.
It comes with AS famous rosew scent which may annoy some people.
It comes with only one colour, so do test before purchasing. 
There's a hole at the bottom of the case and you can just buy a refil powder to save some money... Im wondering if it is discontinued...

  • AS Dolly Girl Lip Gloss (RM 70++)
I have all 3 shades but only this is finished.
The gloss has very light colour but long lasting texture, if you dont eat and drink.
There are sparkling stars in the gloss which made it good for dinner/clubbing wear. I love those stars~~

  • AS Limited Edition Christmas Lip Gloss 2010 
This lip gloss is really special for it's design: with Anna words in it and also its applicator was not sponge, but a flat plastic head.
I like the applicator but I really couldn't stand the scent of this gloss. It was way too strong and I was pregnant, became sensitive to scent. 
I gave it out without finishing it. 

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