Sunday, January 5, 2014

travel- The Pearl of Asia~Hong Kong

had a trip to HK in 2012.... cant tell much about it because I was too tired to walk around and most time spent in the hotel. 
I didn't have a good impression of HK during my trip. Simply because of the people were too rude, arrogant, uncivilized.....
some tips are: 
  • there are lots of cheap beauty products in HK
  • the food charged way too high for a small potion
  • rude people everywhere
  • rushing people everywhere
  • the nicest Portuguese tart found here(better Macau's)
  • don't speak Mandarin or they thought you are from China
  • good public transport system 
  • hardly find sauce especially if you are eating Dim Sum
  • it is clean in HK
I can't agree with the life and the people in HK, can't get use to it, can't be part of it.
If I ever return, that's only because I'm shopping for cheap stuffs. 

 cheap nail stickers in Sasa

 Dim Sum treated by hubby's cousin

 The most meals we had was in fast food restaurants

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