Monday, August 24, 2009

make up workshop by etttusais @ Lot 10 + promotion

I was at Isetan Lot10 and accidentally passed by ettusais counter and after making some purchases, the SA told me about this workshop.

There will be a beauty workshop where you need to purchase a voucher of RM90 which is fully redeemable(except the value sets)+ workshop + refreshment + door gift worth RM81!!!

Sound great??
register now and choose your date!
Im going on this coming Sunday~~~

Besides, there is a promotion for all ettusais cosmetics .
in conjunction of celebrating ettusais's 8th anniversary, all cosmetics are having 30% discount!!!
What a good deal~~~
However, as I can remember, the workshop voucher is not applicable to this promotion.
does it mean we are either get the cosmetics at normal prices, or you can redeem the skin care products?
I will try to ask for confirmation tomorrow...
Still, it's a great deal... Is you had been eying on etttusais for a long time ans never try, this is the best time~~

remember, you get free parking for a few hours(depends on the outlet) when you purchase rm100 and above at Isetan if you are Isetan members.

Free parking + great deals??
who doesn't like??? :D

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